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Hooverphonic concerts in Europe

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Hooverphonic is a Belgian rock/pop group formed in 1995. Though initially placed in the trip-hop genre, they quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be classified so easily. The band originally called themselves Hoover but later changed their name to Hooverphonic due to other groups using the Hoover name. • A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular (1996) • Blue Wonder Power Milk (1998) • The Magnificent Tree (2000) • Hooverphonic Presents Jackie Cane (2002) • Sit Down And Listen To... (2003) • No More Sweet Music (2005/6) • Singles 96/06 (2006) • The President of the LSD Golf Club (2007/2008) • The Night Before (2010) • With Orchestra (2012) • Reflection (2013) • In Wonderland (2016)