Concerts tickets

– What is the Ticketmaster? Can I trust this ticket operator?

– Ticketmaster is a global ticket operator, which is one of the five largest commercial sites. At Ticketmaster, only official tickets for concerts and other events are sold, as the service directly cooperates with artists, organizers and venues. Buying a fake ticket on the site is impossible.

– What is an e-ticket? Can I get printed tickets?

– An e-ticket is a ticket sent to your e-mail. To access an e-ticket, you need to choose the Delivery method (E-tickets) during the purchase. After payment, an e-mail will come with a link that will allow you to save and print your ticket. It will also be available in the personal cabinet, the "Order Detail" section. If you want to receive custom printed tickets, choose a different delivery method. It is done by mail, and the service is paid (from b to 10 euros).

– How is checked for tickets at concerts? Do I need to print a ticket?

– At the entrance you can show both an electronic and a printed ticket. Ticketmaster recommends that you print your ticket even if you have it on your smartphone or in the special Ticketmaster application. Printed tickets are advised to be kept in a safe place to avoid damage and abduction. The latter is possible on the eve of large-scale, long-awaited events.

– Can I get a ticket to a concert?

– Usually you can not return tickets for which you have already paid. However, the service can go to the meeting if you want to change the ticket for the same event, but with a different date. Such inquiries are considered individually. To do this, write support.

– Will I get the money if I cancel the concert?

– If the event has been canceled, Ticketmaster will contact you via email and refund the ticket for the ticket. The same thing happens if the event is moved.

– What should I do if I have damaged or lost my e-ticket?

– If tickets that you have printed out to a friend have been damaged, just print them again. Make sure it is on your electronic media if there is not enough time for printing. If you ordered a ticket delivery and they were damaged, please contact support. This requires proof of your order. In case of a ticket stolen, you need to contact TicketMaster support.

Airline tickets

– Why to choose flights on

– is one of the largest and most reliable flight search services. It allows you to choose the most advantageous option, offering flights at the lowest prices. has a guarantee that cancels and canceled flights. In the list of cases, the company can refund the money for a ticket or find and pay another flight so that you make it to your destination on time.

– Can I return a ticket?

– Kiwi may return the partial or full price of the ticket on its guarantee for the established reasons. In order for the guarantee to not be canceled, any changes to the ticket (flight date, name of the passenger, etc.) must be made through Otherwise no refunds will be made. If the flight has been canceled or delayed due to force majeure, the money will not be returned. For more information about warranty and returns from, read the detailed terms and conditions of using the service.

– What should I do if my flight is canceled?

– If Kiwi has informed you about cancellation, an alternative is already being searched and will be notified soon. If you know about cancellation yourself, you need to provide this support as soon as possible so that they can find another flight.


– What is

– is a service for finding and booking accommodation. He collaborates with proven hotels, hostels, apartment owners and other types of accommodation, and guarantees the reliability of your chosen accommodation.

– Why to book a home right there?

– The service is an assistant in choosing accommodation for travel, allows you to change the dates of your stay, cancel the booking and direct the accommodation with the administration if necessary.

– How to pay for a reservation?

– Reservations can be paid via an online bank card or on-site at the hotel or hostel. The need to make a subscription is determined by each home separately.

– Can I cancel the reservation?

– Yes. The penalty for cancellation is determined by the rules of your chosen dwelling. Detailed conditions for cancellation and penalty payment can be found in the booking confirmation.