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Takida concerts in Europe

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Takida, a five piece rock band from Ånge, Sweden, started out in 1999 and they have worked hard to get where they are today. They have been touring all around Sweden and built quite a reputation as a solid live rockband. Their fanbase is growing as we speak. Their first demo old was only produced in 500 copies and sold out immediately, old was recorded in year 2000. It was followed up by the EP T2 (2000), the full length album tAKiDA (2001), the ep Gohei (2003) and the ep Thorns (2004). These 4 EP's and one album has sold over astonishing 10,000 copies together, much thanks to many successful gigs that lead to an increased popularity. The band starting writing material for a third album in April 2008 and they also started considering an international release, to be started in remaining Scandinavia and Germany. The first single off of the album called A Darker Instinct As You Die was released to Swedish radio stations on June 12th 2009. The album is due August-September. Takida is to embark on their first international concerts in the summer of 2008, starting off with two concerts in Germany. Their third album The Darker Instinct was released September 2 2009 and with it their second single off the album, The Things We Owe which turned out to be their largest hit since Curly Sue. A video was released to accompany the single.