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Charley Yang, aka BoyWithUke (born August 25, 2002) is a pseudonymous American alt-pop singer, musician, and internet personality. He rose to popularity on the online platform TikTok with his most viral single "Toxic" (2021) and his second most viral single "Understand" (2022). He has become one of the most popular faceless artists on the platform. He is currently signed to Republic Records. Personal life BoyWithUke keeps most of his personal life private. He has revealed that he lives in Boston, Massachusetts. BoyWithUke stated that he was forced into classical music from the age of four, but later dropped it. This was followed by him resuming music through writing music in high school. BoyWithUke revealed that he kept his identity hidden because he wants people to pay attention to his music and talent and not his looks. In October of 2023, he officially revealed his face and name, Charley Yang.


Sunday, 10 March 2024
Starts at 21:00


45 Queen Caroline St
London, Great Britain

BoyWithUke live

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