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Venbee recently broke out with her viral hit “Low Down“, a dark pop song tackling the subject of depression. It quickly dominated 21 Spotify Viral charts including #1 in the UK, whilst Radio 1 made it the song their Introducing: Track Of The Week. Now Venbee returns with producer Goddard, in a more playful mode with a new song, “Messy In Heaven”. On the song she cheekily reimagines the son of god in a modern predicament ”I heard Jesus did cocaine on a night out, eyes wide open, dilated, but he's fine now, and if his father ever finds out he’d probably knock his lights out….gets a little messy in heaven”.


Saturday, 25 November 2023
Starts at 21:00


Hasenheide 107 - 113
Berlin, Germany

Venbee live

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  • What's interesting in Berlin?

    They say that in Berlin, wherever they stick a finger, everything is cool. And museums, and friendly people, the diversity of cultures and just the beauty of the city itself. Those who were there for three days, they say they saw three percent. Its scale strikes from the first step, so do not hesitate to choose a date - feel free to give yourself a few extra days for long walks with the camera turned on and techno parties.


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