Chase Atlantic biography

Chase Atlantic is an Australian alternative R&B band that has garnered significant attention and acclaim since its formation in 2011. The band comprises Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave, and Christian Anthony, who together create a unique and compelling sound that fuses elements of R&B, rock, and electronic music. Their innovative approach to genre-blending and their emotionally charged lyrics have set them apart in the contemporary music scene, attracting a dedicated fan base worldwide. Chase Atlantic is a band that defies easy categorization. Their distinctive blend of R&B, rock, and electronic music, combined with introspective lyrics and compelling visual aesthetics, has positioned them as a unique force in the music industry. As they continue to evolve and push the boundaries of their sound, Chase Atlantic remains a band to watch, promising to deliver more captivating and innovative music to a growing global audience.


Thursday, 10 October 2019
Starts at 20:00


Atlantisplein 1
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chase Atlantic live

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