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Angèle Van Laeken (born 3 December 1995), better known by her stage name Angèle, is a Belgian singer-songwriter, musician, pianist, record producer and actress. Angèle is a fan of Ella Fitzgerald and Hélène Ségara. She is inspired by many musical genres from French songs to electronic music and rap, which she disliked as a teenager. She became influenced by rap particularly while performing with her brother Romeo Elvis and the rappers Caballero and JeanJass.


Tuesday, 21 January 2020
Starts at 21:00


Brussels Expo
Brussels, Belgium

Angèle live

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    The capital of bureaucrats and important people, Brussels is sometimes called the city of seven. Accidental coincidence or divine fishing, but the city is located on 7 hills, it has 7 roads, its main area is protected by 7 animals, and in the Dutch transcription the name of the city consists of 7 letters. Although, looking at the city in the light of day, it is unlikely that the language will turn to call it mystical - it’s too ... rational or something.


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